Escaped El Nino?

Escaped El Nino?

As we start to enter Spring, we have probably have faced the worst storms of the season already.  If you haven’t had a roof leak does that mean you have escaped El Nino unscathed?  Before you start doing your happy dance, you might want to take a closer look at your roofs including doing some preventive maintenance.

Let’s start with the very basics.  The less debris on your roof and/or gutter the better.  On tile roofs, debris can allow water to get outside its intended channels.  On other types of roofs it can act as a wet sponge sitting on the roof for days, weeks or even months.    We see gutters literally ripped off buildings because they are never cleaned and the weight from the debris and water is just too much for it to withstand.  Moving on from cleaning your roof(s) to bigger checkups like a roof tune up.

I can already hear that voice from the other side of the table saying the roof tune up is not worth the paper it’s written on.  It depends.  Some are and some aren’t.  So if you are going to do a roof tune up, you have to make sure that you are getting your monies worth.  If the specification is to simply replace X number of tiles, you’re not getting your monies worth.  Your roof may be a 1000 square feet but it doesn’t take more than a dime size hole in one of the various layers of protection to allow water to leak into the unit.

At a minimum, any roof type tune up should include the following:

  • Inspect all roofs
  • Clean entire roof surface free of debris
  • Seal and reinforce all pipe flashings using appropriate sealant
  • Clean chimneys and seal top and bottom


Flat Roof

  • Repair all wall turn-ups as necessary
  • Repair all splits, breaks and holes in parapet walls as necessary
  • Apply reinforcement to all duct seams
  • Correct ponding areas



  • Repair or replace damaged Shake/Tile/Shingle
  • Install new underlayment where needed


If a contractor is willing to perform a roof-tune up with the appropriate specification and cost, they should be more than happy to provide a warranty too.  The warranty should follow the maintenance cycle they are recommending to you.  If they recommend you get a tune up every three years, then they should be able to provide a warranty for the three years.

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