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Deferred maintenance has always been a dilemma for most Community Associations and Property Owners. The traditional mindset “you can pay me now or you can pay me later” is very much true. We are as concerned as you are in keeping these cost as low as possible. That is why we developed maintenance strategies, which saves you money and address the service life of your building components.


We provide roof and property site inspections at no charge. Our inspections are comprehensive and can save your HOA or Property Owners a significant amount of time and money. We believe in adding value to the service we provide and our inspections are just another opportunity for our team to demonstrate our knowledge and experience.


Roofs are one of the top reoccurring expense for properties, so it makes sense to get the most life out of your current roof. We recognize that this is a pain for most Community Association, Apartment Community and Commercial Building, that is why we created a roof maintenance plan that fits your properties needs.


We know that it is not always about construction, sometimes it is about extending or maintaining your building’s components. Whether it be spot painting, waterproofing, concrete repair, asphalt patching or wood repair, we can do that and more. Let us help you make your property look it’s best and help lower the cost of ownership through our maintenance services.


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As qualified and licensed contractors, we employ a full range of skilled professionals to serve all your construction and maintenance projects. We specialize in serving Community Associations, Apartment Communities and Commercial Properties.

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Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable and strategically located by region to ensure excellent support and communication during long construction projects or day to day maintenance. We strive to build every project with the highest level of professionalism.

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